How To Feel The Plastic Free July Spirit All Year Long

Plastic Free July has come to an end, but the spirit of reducing single-use plastics doesn’t have to stop with August 1st! Though a zero-waste lifestyle may only be possible for one month of the year for some, there are plenty of simple ways to take action to reduce, reuse and recycle until next July! 

One of the main proponents of Plastic Free July is to be more aware of the amount of single-use plastics we use in our daily lives. During the challenge, we loved finding zero-waste hacks to combat those plastic straws, single-use grocery bags, and other items. Keeping those replacements at the ready is essential! Leaving those reusable bags in the car and throwing the reusable straw and cutlery in your bag on the way to work may seem simple, but over time, and with enough participants, it can really make a big impact. 

Whether it’s the kids heading back to school or the holiday season, the rest of the year is full of big events that are both fun and family-filled as well as prone to single-use plastics. Instead of giving up, use the opportunity to show off your new recycling and zero-waste skills to friends and family! Have a place for recycling bottles at Thanksgiving dinner, or get your kids excited about their reusable lunch boxes for school! 

Another great way to stay involved in the zero-waste movement is to find your community! Throughout the year, there are always great events hosted by local organizations like the Utah Recycling Alliance that help to get communities engaged in recycling programs, environmental advocacy, and more. It’s a great way to stay motivated and will help create a network of support for you in achieving your sustainability goals at home!

Plastic Free July can be challenging. For most households, it can be very difficult to live a plastic-free lifestyle 365 days a year. A great way to keep the plastic-free spirit alive is to educate yourself on recycling options! It’s hard to resist a cold soda on a hot summer day, but being sure that you’re making the effort to recycle the bottle after you’re done is always better than giving up and throwing it in the garbage! Knowing which plastics go where and what you can and can’t recycle is not only great for your local recycler, but also for the environment and will always be an amazing alternative to the landfill. 

Plastic free July is a great reminder that we’re all in this together when it comes to combating climate change and pollution. Any effort, whether it’s a completely zero waste lifestyle or tossing that cardboard box at work in the recycling, counts in the movement towards a cleaner future. 


As always, the Utah Recycling Alliance is here to help with anything you need to implement recycling or a zero-waste lifestyle in your home! Follow along on social media for tips and tricks and updates about sustainability opportunities near you!