Zero Waste Future: A Community-Sourced Documentary Project from the URA

Zero Waste Future: A Community-Sourced Documentary Project from the URA

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t: just this week, we announced a super exciting film project (first of its kind, actually!) that we’ll be developing through the course of 2021. Our working title: Zero Waste Future.

Our ultimate goal is for this to be a film about, by, and for the people of Utah. The URA’s vision is for a Utah without waste. What better way to start realizing that vision than by celebrating in film the ways that everyday Utahns are already working toward that goal. 

Now, how exactly can you get involved? Keep reading to find out!

Your (Micro-)Film Submissions

First and foremost, we need content! As of this week, we are welcoming video entries from individuals, families, student groups, co-workers, volunteer groups, you name it. Wherever and whatever you are doing to reduce waste, to creatively reuse, to challenge yourself waste-wise, we want to see it!

So if you have any sort of waste-crushing lifehacks that you and your family practice at home; if your business helps reduce waste or maximize reuse; if you volunteer with a group that helps clean-up the environment in one way or another; we want to see ALL OF IT! Document a river clean-up. Take us on a treasure hunt at your local thrift store. Share your creative strategies for reducing food waste. And remember to GET CREATIVE! Maybe you could try a few of these:

  • Walk us through how to box up your leftovers at the restaurant in your reusable containers
  • Interview your local restaurants or other businesses on how they’ve recently changed up their waste practices
  • Show us how you buy in bulk with your reusable packaging
  • What’s in your daily reusables kit?
  • How’s your jar collection coming along and what do you use them for? 
  • Does your household or workplace audit garbage? Food waste? Walk us through it!
  • What does your school do to reduce waste? 
  • Know of any unique zero-waste products? 
  • Maybe you’ve found a way to turn waste into art…?

Now, although waste-focused videos are what we’re mainly looking for, we are happily accepting videos outside those boundaries:

  • Video you and your family out enjoying nature, especially if you’re properly practicing your LNT principles
  • Are you running a fundraiser to support local waste-wise businesses? What about other environmental non-profits or organizations?
  • Show us your garden and just how sustainable it is?
  • Is your home ‘off-the-grid’? How did you achieve it? 

A few more things to keep in mind as you plan your video submissions:

  • Maximum is 5 minutes in length, but 1-3 minutes is the sweet spot 
  • Consider this more a vlog, or video journal entry, not an epic of filmmaking. If it’s raw footage, that’s terrific – that will allow us to edit it in with other footage from other submissions more easily for promo trailers, social media shares, and, of course, the final film
  • These can be confessional-style – just you and the camera – but showing is better than telling. If you can teach us how to do something that you do every day, that will help more of us to do it and allow for more of an impact
  • Please understand: most likely, not all the footage we receive will make it into trailers or the final cut, but we’ll try our best, promise! ☺

Seeking Donations

Maybe videography just isn’t your thing, or maybe you’re just looking for other ways to make an impact.

If you wish to make a financial donation to support this one-of-a-kind project, we certainly welcome it. Extra funds will help us to cover costs of film editing, production, project marketing, and so forth. You can donate directly on our website!

If you have talents or materials to offer, we welcome that too. Maybe you’re great with a camera and are wondering how to get involved. Maybe you’ve got connections with professional editors or others in the industry. If you have access to anything you think could help this project along, please reach out!

In the coming months, we will also be seeking community sponsors. If you think your business or organization may want to get more involved with this project, stay tuned to all channels URA to learn how! 

Share This Project!

Essential to us getting film entries is people knowing about the project! So PLEASE share this post and project! We want as much content as we can possibly get. Share with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, exes, favorite waitresses, your pets – you get the picture! 

Share our posts on Facebook and Instagram. We’re not on Twitter, but if you want to share there we would be thrilled. Share our announcement trailer on YouTube. And share this blog post!

Happy New Year to you and yours! We cannot wait to see what these coming months may bring!