Imagine Utah—Without Waste!

Thank You for Supporting Utah’s Zero Waste Future

The Utah Recycling Alliance empowers people, organizations and communities statewide to create a Zero Waste culture by building successful models and encouraging practices that promote reuse, recycling and resource conservation. ​

What's New?

Trash Talk Series | Free SWAPs @ April 16th at noon

Join Sarah Bateman, URA Board Member and see the highlights from 10 years of Free SWAPs - Sharing We All Propser (like a pop-up free thrift store). Not only do these events reduce waste/energy/fuel and save money, they work to bring communities together. And they have been a great source for collecting amazing stories over the years. The stories of stuff, the stories of people, the stories of connection.

Zero Waste Film Project

To celebrate the URA's 10th anniversary we are very pleased to announce an exciting new film project, one that will dig deep into the state of zero waste here in our state. Most importantly: we want YOUR help! Our goal is for this to be a film about, by, and for the people. For that reason, we're asking for your video submissions!

Bag the BAG Campaign

Learn more about our business coalition aiming to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for plastic bags.

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