Decluttering during Covid-19

By Andree’ Walker, Utah Recycling Alliance I admit it, I LOVE the feeling of de-junking and de-cluttering my house. The additional time spent at home recently along with the lovely spring weather has made me focus on projects like cleaning out the garage and tackling spaces around my house.  But shortly after those endorphins and …

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A New Look at Zero Waste

By David Johnston, Utah Recycling Alliance With changes at work and changes in our daily lives, it only makes sense that our daily waste is changing too. Used safety masks, alcohol swabs, (sometimes half-empty) sanitizer bottles and other cleaning supplies flood the system. So too do cardboard and packaging waste, with online retail the ideal …

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Stop. Breathe. Think. Connect. Act

By Jen Farrell, Utah Recycling Alliance Stop. Breathe. Think. Connect. Act Through my own experiences and by talking with friends and colleagues, I know that caring about the environment, climate change, and even just our waste can cause anxiety, anger and depression.  If you have experienced this as well, I can tell you that we …

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Concern Over Invisible Air Pollutants

By Frances Bernards, Utah Recycling Alliance It’s that time of year when Salt Lake City residents are confronted with episodes of poor air quality.  When temperature inversions hover over Salt Lake City, trapping automotive and other emissions, residents are stuck with a brown, thick haze that cause particulate pollution to double some days. But some air …

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Zero Waste Basics

By Ayrel Clark-Proffitt, Utah Recycling Alliance Confession: I do not live in a zero-waste household. Sure, I have made significant shifts over the years. I’m rarely seen without my voluminous travel mug, and I almost always have my water bottle and utensil set with me. When I grocery shop, I loudly refuse single-use bags, but …

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Zero Waste Gifting

Turner C. Bitton, Utah Recycling Alliance Every year as the holidays approach, I start to get apprehensive about having conversations with my loved ones about not giving me as much stuff. I’m a true believer it what the Utah Recycling Alliance does but putting what I believe into action is difficult, especially when it comes …

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3-Step Guide to a Green Halloween

Don’t be afraid of the single-use plastics monster this Halloween and trick-or-treat in style with these tips for a Green Halloween!