Pop Up! CHaRMs

URA hosts multiple Pop Up! CHaRM collections. CHaRM stands for Collection of Hard to Recycle Materials. These events help residents repurpose and recycle materials that would otherwise be landfilled. The events accept a number of items, please click on the dropdown lists below to view everything we currently collect. Donations welcome to help continue these collections. Residential materials only; no business materials accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: URA’s list of accepted materials has changed. Please click on the dropdown lists below to review what we are currently able to recycle. We will continue to update this list as things evolve. 

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Upcoming CHaRM Dates:

Friday, December 30th, 2022 Join the Utah Grizzlies and Idaho Steelheads to rounding up Utah’s post-holiday hard to recycle materials! New materials added, including styrofoam, glass, clean cardboard, and more! Check the lists below for all the details! 1pm-4pm in the Maverick Center parking lot- look for the CHaRM signs.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 We’re partnering with Hogle Zoo for a very special Earth Day CHaRM at Party for the Planet! More details coming soon!

NEW MATERIALS ADDED! Please review the drop-down lists below for what we’re currently accepting.

Additional 2023 CHaRM dates & locations coming soon!

What items can I bring?

In order to be accepted, all excess liquids and product must be removed from the packaging. Clean, dry bottles, tubes, and packaging only.

Cardboard Dry, Clean Cardboard only- no tapr or food residue, no pizza boxes or paperboard. All boxes must be broken down before bringing them to the collection event

Clamshells Only clear plastic containers that have the #1 recycling symbol

Clean Cosmetics Products & Packaging* lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, etc.

Contact Lenses & Packaging

Glass* Most household glass accepted at the 12/30 CHaRM! NO automotive glass, ceramics, light bulbs (sort bulbs separately for us please!), mirrors, porcelain, pyrex

Hair Care Products & Packaging* all hair care bottles, caps, tubes, pumps

Plastic Wraps and Films stretchy plastics only, must be clean of all food/product

Plastic Bags stretchy plastic, not “crinkly”

Plastic Cereal Bags/Plastic Cereal Bag Liners

Razors & Packaging

Skin Care Products & Packaging* balms, all bottles and tubes 

Styrofoam (We can only accept rigid block foam. Please remove all tape & stickers before bringing to us. No packing peanuts or food containers)

Toothpaste & Oral Care Products & Packaging* (all – tubes , toothbrushes, floss containers, packaging)

*All containers and packaging must be clean and dry. Packaging or containers with leftover product, food, or water cannot be accepted

Batteries please be sure to apply clear tape to the terminals on all lithium, lead acid, all batteries over 9 volts, and electronics batteries with a cracked plastic casing

Bicycles & Bicycle Parts/Accessories

Blankets & Sheets, Towels & Wash Cloths In good condition, stains ok but must be clean, no holes, rips or tears. NO wool or electric

Cell Phones & Chargers

Clothing New or gently used clothing in good, clean condition for adult and children. This also includes shoes, belts, purses, hats, coats, and jackets. 

Cords & Cables

Eye Glasses must be in good, usable condition

Holiday/Patio/Decorative String Lights

Ink/Toner cartridges

Lightbulbs household lightbulbs including incandescent, CFL, and LED. NO broken bulbs or fluorescent tubes

Skis, Snowboards & Equipment- skis, snowboards, ski & snowboard boots, ski poles, bindings, and anything ski or snowboard related


Where are the items recycled?

Ace Disposal & Recycling

Clementine Ranch

Clever Octopus

First Unitarian Church (partnership with TerraCycle)

Liberty Tire LLC

Momentum Recycling

Pro Recycling Group

Recycle Utah


Redwood Recycling

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective

Salt Lake Police Department

Utah Ski Trucks

Wasatch Resource Recovery