Pop Up! CHaRMs

URA hosts multiple Pop Up! CHaRM collections. CHaRM stands for Collection of Hard to Recycle Materials. These events help residents repurpose and recycle materials that would otherwise be landfilled. The events accept a number of items, please click on the dropdown lists below to view everything we currently collect. Donations welcome to help continue these collections. Residential materials only; no business materials accepted.

Next Pop Up! CHaRM: January 11th, 2020 from 10am-2pm at the SLC Downtown Winter Farmers Market.

Check back for additional dates, locations, and updates to our lists of acceptable items.

What items can I bring?

In order to be accepted, all excess liquids and product must be removed from the packaging. Clean, dry bottles, tubes, and packaging only.

Clean Cosmetics Products & Packaging* (lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, etc.)

Contact Lenses & Packaging

Energy/Granola Bar Wrappers (Foil-lined, NO CANDY BAR WRAPPERS)

Hair Care Products & Packaging* (all bottles, caps, tubes, pumps)

Plastic Wraps and Films

Plastic Bags

Plastic Cereal Bags/Plastic Cereal Bag Liners

Skin Care Products & Packaging* (balms, all bottles and tubes)

Styrofoam (block Styrofoam only; no ‘to-go’ containers)

Toothpaste & Oral Care Products & Packaging*

(all – tubes , toothbrushes, floss containers, packaging)

*All containers and packaging must be clean and dry. Packaging or containers with leftover product, food, or water cannot be accepted. 

Blankets & Sheets, Towels & Wash Cloths (In good condition, stains ok but must be clean, no holes, rips or tears)

Brita Filters (Brita brand only)

Cell Phones & Chargers

Cords & Cables

Holiday/Patio/Decorative String Lights

Ink/Toner cartridges

Musical Instrument Strings (All kinds, nylon& steel)

Shredded Paper (On-site shredding NOT provided – please bring the material in boxes or paper bags that we can recycle)

Skis & Snowboards

Tires (max 4 per household; $2 per tire)