Creative Fundraising Ideas

First, thank you for supporting the Utah Recycling Alliance and Trash Talk Trivia Night! We’re so excited that you’re joining us for this inaugural event to raise awareness and support for reuse, recycling, and resource conservation in Utah!

We know that asking for donations isn’t always easy, but fundraising for a cause you care about doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve put together some ideas that we hope will help you put the fun into FUNdraising!

  • Set up a personal fundraising page for the URA on Facebook! Click here for how to get started.
  • Bake Sale: Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie at lunch? Use your baking skills to make some yummy treats and sell to your coworkers, neighbor, family, whoever! 
  • Garage Sale: Reuse is one of the 3 R’s! Instead of donating what you clean out this month, host a garage sale. You will hit your minimum donation in no time.
  • Coupon books: Come up with some creative coupon ideas (picking up mail for a coworker for a full week for $5, give up your primo parking spot for $10, sell your singing skills as a telegram for $15) to raise funds and showcase the value of experiences over things!
  • Fitness challenge: Set a new year’s fitness goal? This challenge may be for you. Have your friends donate to your fundraising efforts; for every $1 you get, you will complete 1 pushup, burpee, pullup, etc. Be careful though, you may end up doing 200, but hey, that’s $200! 
  • Personal challenge: Grow a beard, sing at karaoke night, dye your hair green. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your friends would pay good money to see it happen. Of course, gain even more support by posting your progress on social media!
  • A meal in support of URA: Host a simple dinner or weekend brunch for friends and family and ask them to donate a few dollars each in return. Their bellies will be happy and so will your fundraising efforts. Bonus points for using local ingredients or going zero waste!
  • Coin challenge: Let’s get that car change working for us! Challenge another team and see who can collect the most coin! Want to spice it up? Have the coins out as “positive points” and paper money count as “negative points”. You can “bomb” the other team by donating a $5 bill their team and taking away some of their points.
  • Schedule a share-the-profit event: If you have a friend or family member who owns or manages a local business, ask them if they would like to donate a portion of a day’s profit to the URA (and let us know so we can help promote it!)
  • Write an appeal letter/email: Sharing why you love the URA and why you want to raise money to reduce waste in Utah is a tried and true way to get donations.
  • Matching gifts: Many companies may give a flat donation toward your fundraising goal, whileothers may have gift matching programs. Check with your HR representative to see if your company offers something like this.

These are just a few examples of fun ways you can raise money! For more ideas visit these websites below: